Well, this is a start!

I guess I should begin by saying hello.

Hey there, strangers of the internet!! My alias name is Jay, writer and overlord of this blog. Why my alias instead of my real one? Well, considering I will be rambling, I’d prefer to keep it out of future professional workplace. Because I’m not going to be very clean about my words at times. There will be those  times when you feel the need to shout at everything even if its your trusted heater.

Anywaaay! A bit about where this blog will take place. I live in currently bi-polar winter weather city of Toronto! Seriously, it’s slushy then slush-ice slippery on the sidewalks yesterday when I went out. So! I’m more in the East end of the city which sucks when you go to North Campus of Humber College. The hour ride inside the old trains without air conditioning is hell during the summer.

I’m an artist and a writer with a disturbing want to play games all day even though I know I have about ten assignments to finish. I try not to but it’s like coffee, I can’t stop the addiction!

So what would this blog even be about other than my personal ventings? I guess my arts and stories. My projects I’m slowly puttimg together. Some pictures of life beyond the tedious college days. Every snapshots life, the moments I live will be in this blog. Especially me talking about my friends and embrassing them!

(For my friends: LOVE U GUYS)

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on about myself enough for now. I’m getting a bit hungry…definitely not going to get coffee…no…that..that would a bad idea, right? I have to wake up early tomorrow…but..

Meh. I have lousy self control.

Here! Have a pic of my Prince Kitten on a mug! (Courtesy to my friend Mark. Thanks bud!)


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