The ‘Meh’ Day

Today was pretty uneventful– nothing much happened than the normal sobbing in defeat as I traverse to school. There’s just something about a cold room with no windows that makes me so antsy! I can understand why there aren’t windows but maaan, it kind of feels like prison. A nice prison though!

Basically, my whole college years have been me stuck in a windowless room day to night in a cold environment. It’s a lab of computers that I cannot eat in and have little sense of when my break is. I think last year was the worst break we had. I had back to back class from 12 to 3:15 pm BUT THEN my next class starts at 3:20 pm and ends at 6pm!! 

A five minute non-existent break. 

I was happy to have a very nice teacher that lets us eat (The place isn’t a lab. It’s more of an underground gym refitted for a greenscreen room.) and give some time for us to buy food before being shut into the underground once again. Another classroom without windows! But it’s not small, i get my own table all for myself so I’m actually comfortable in that place.

Anyway, didn’t really manage to get out to school a lot this week. My mom had the flu and it unfortunately got pass down to me. It’s better than that miserable, stuffy feeling that just won’t go away. Probably will go tomorrow though. Sadly, what is suppose to be a class up to 3pm only changed to 3pm to 6pm…

There is no escape. ;-;

It’s not so bad I guess. It could worse like 9pm but I don’t think I’d ever go everyday. It’s like 4 hour travel all together. I remember forgetting to check my email, went to school and to my agony, there was no class. If it was Friday, it would have been fine. But noooooo! It’s a Thursday…and I wasted 4 hours of my life because I forgot to check my mail.

Tip to you people out there: Always check your business or primary email you use! 

I think one of the best thing that happened today was I ate my mother’s flan cheesecake. It’s sooo sweet, creamy and a small amount is somewhat enough. Here’s a picture of it:

I used a toothpick for my utensil…I got lazy. It works! The sweet is soft enough to be cut by a slim toothpick.

Anyway, that’s all that happened today. Good night!


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