After and Before

It’s been a week and a few things have happened. Mainly my school having an outbreak of the Norovirus and cockroach escapees! 

No more campus food for me!! …at least until next year. I don’t think I can survive the travel without buying a meal to go. Man, if only Kipling station had like Tims express inside! I know they have outside but that would require getting out of the station….nah. 

Anyway, I didn’t get the stomach bug but I did manage to get sick (a fever riddled with dizziness and occasional groans about dying) during the day it happened. Four days of absence, four class go swoosh. I would panic. I’m probably already panicking since I missed one due date for my assignment and slightly bewildered with the amount of stuff we gotta do for our projects this semester. I’m not ready. 

At all. 

I don’t know! Maybe it’s just that time of year where you look around and don’t like what you see but you just got to push through because it maybe you being lazy. Procastinating and what not. I thought I at least had an inkling of what I want because I don’t know my end goal other than survive life until I die. I want to go to a different program for writing since writing is the love of my life but I wanted to explore.
So here I am. Exploring on the other side of the city. The West end…instead of somewhere closer like Ryerson or George Brown. Exploring the ends of sanity.

Meh. I got one more year left and all I want is to pass. Maybe get a mini fridge as my prize for finishing something that seem to matter. 

I really, really want a mini fridge. It would be great for my secret stash of ice cream! 

Anyway, college isn’t bad as I make it to be. I normally don’t stick to one thing so I don’t end up getting bored of what I do. I guess I’m getting a bit bummed out by doing mostly the same thing. It was the same with writing. The downside with getting bored of is that I tend to either discontinue or put on a long hiatus on my works which sucks because then I’d forget it even exist. Until I decide to venture my archives and find it again! 

Ah well, I’ll push through the laziness and get somewhere.

I do have a future plan but I’m afraid of what will happen afterwafd ‘cuz life is unpredictable sometimes. But I’ll get there. Just maybe not today.

Cuz it’s too cold to do anything and yes, I am being lazy!

On an end note, I’ve been listening to this melody and I’m in love ❤


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