Dinner Time: Winterlicious

Yesterday was a fun day even though some stranger took my expired TTC pass ID thingy that’s next to useless. Anyway! 

My friend, let’s call her ‘Kell’, and I decided to celebrate my birthday a day before since she had work so we reserved a table at Bannock’s! It seemed fancy with its special menu called ‘Winterlicious’ which was a three-course dinner for $28. I ordered mostly fish related items except the mushroom pasta, which for some reason I thought was fish pasta, and Screeched Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert! Our lady waiter also wished me a happy birthday as she overheard Kell wishing me one. 

The food was amazing! I had doubts of it being good because of its looks and portions. I’m used to greasy type foods or big portion size meals. Even with snacks but I try to cut back. So, the food was tasty with the appetizer tasting like sweet lemon fish with shrimp on top and some bread chips. 

This is the appetizer we had but I had forgotten the name of:

Now, for the main dish that I dub ‘mushroom pasta’ had bacon in it but it tasted really strong flavour meat, almost raw-ish but it’s not raw. It’s kind of like prosciutto. Maybe it is that. Here’s ghe delicious cheese mushroom pasta that’s very delightful:

For our dessert, our lady waiter put a candle on mine and I was touched by the gesture! The dessert was really sweet considering its toffee. It’s like a cinnamon roll drizzled with toffee but the desserts body is a muffin with nuts and almonds on top!

I like the picture I took for the dessert! 

It was overall a nice experience if it wasn’t for my aching shoulder trying to debut that night. We finished our meals then head off to the Lights Festival at the Distillery District. It was a cold day though despite that, I still had a lot of fun!

(The nice TTC man who took my expired card, why do you even need that thing i dont even use it, was nice enough to inform me about where to get a newer one but I’m getting my Presto soon so…😅)