My Poor Salmon

Today, I tried to cook Salmon Teriyaki with mushrooms and a premade sauce and butter as oil. The smell wheb mushroom sizzles on the pan with butter was heavenly! It was hard not to just eat it right away! Anyway, I didn’t have a recipe in mind for my meal so I just kind if winged it. Which was a big mistake.

A huge disappointing mistake.

I did manage to fry the mushroom good enough but the salmon kind of…fell apart. Granted, I did take out a few bones inside it. I didn’t think it woukd fall completely like it was snow! At least it was cooked, smelled good and I was ravenous enough to eat anything.

The salmon… Didn’t taste like the teriyaki…or anything for that matter. It tasted bland and sad. I’d definitely need to review a recipe to see how it can taste better the next time. Ah well, at least the mushrooms were delicious!

Here’s a picture of my disappointment: