A Day Out to Don Mills

Today I rejoined civilization from my week of being a hermit inside my apartment! The weather didn’t really help to be honest. It’s been an on-off switch like yesterday was windy, stormy that continued through the morning but then…THE SUN CAME BACK! 

And it felt like Spring for once!

It’s probably not gonna last very long!

So, once the bi-polar weather decide to be sunny, my friend Kell and I decided to go out for Joey’s at Shops at Don Mills. It was her intitially needing a time out from life which everyone needs once in a while. Being cooped up in whatever keeps you down, afloat or up can be quite daunting. 

For our relaxation day of eating, Joey’s was our target. It’s a nice, spruced up place with comfy chairs that had a bit of depression at the end. It was like a wooden, modern themed place with a bit of rustic look but had that business/casual people vibe around the place. Servers were really nice too! 

Didn’t really take shot of any foods as I immediately devoured everything. I was hungry, okay! The BBQ Salmon Rice Bowl was good but it had too much sauce which made the rice and veggies too salty for my liking. I had the Somersby Cider while Kell had the fancy Summer Sangria. She also had the Ahi Tuna Burger with Yam Fries and it looked delicious! Next time, I’m definitely going to get a burger…or a steak. I can’t resist good steak!

After the meal, we just walked around and talked about life, work, school and why this bag should be bought. It was a relaxing day that I enjoyed. It brought a bit peace in my chaotic mind. Being outside can bring joy even if briefly. I welcome it! Especially since I’m moving further east. It may not matter in the future but my heart still feels heavy for now. Who knows what life got in store for us?