What About Tomorrow?

Whenever I think about the future, I never know what plans or goals I should have for the long run. 

I know what I want vaguely but there are times when I question myself and the road I’m taking. My family would scold me for it if they knew. Why take this road if you’re unsure of success for your future? I guess I see my future as undetermined. As much planning and goals I create, there isn’t much I can to prepare my own selfish road.

What I want, what they want are different things. I want to live my life, a life that I want regardless of the hardships of the small fortune it might bring. I know the world isn’t as nice nor as soft.

But hey, I get only one chance in life. I’m not going to screw it uo by choosing a path I’ll hate. That is my greatest fear; waking up hating the work that you do. I want to experience what life is. To love another, to share laughter and sorrows.

Maybe I do know what I really want and perhaps they won’t approve of it.

Some things in life are worth fighting for. It takes an anime for me to get slapped with that reality. 

Somewhere along the line, I lost the will to fight. I’ve been struggling with my battles, so close to just giving up. Then I remember the desire, the wanting in my life.

I’m going to fight again but this time, I will dance with the enemy.